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Where fresh really means fresh

Edgard & Cooper have developed the world’s first kibble for dogs using 100% fresh meat, making our range extremely nutritious and easily digestible.

How we do it?


To make our yummy kibble, we use only fresh meat that hasn’t been processed, dried or frozen.


Then we add healthy, nutritious ingredients like vegetables, fruit, botanicals and herbs, yum!


To preserve all the goodness of those super healthy ingredients, we bake our kibble slow, on a low temperature and in small batches.

How we do it visual

How do they do it?

How we do it visual

Instead of fresh meat, they use highly concentrated meat meals to make their kibble. They produce this by heating offal on a high temperature. Then, they remove all the oils and fats and evaporate the water from the meat, until only a powder remains. During this process, a lot of the nutritional value of the ingredients is lost.


Later on, they add oils and fats again, along with some ‘fillers’. These are cheap, unbeneficial ingredients used to bulk up your dogs kibble.


They bake the kibble fast, on a high temperature and in big amounts. Yuck!

How we do it visual

How do you recognise meat meal?

Take your current dog food, look at the list of ingredients and search for the following words:
Dry, meal, dried.

For example: dry chicken or chicken meal, dried chicken.

Is ‘freshly prepared’ meat really fresh?

The words ‘freshly prepared’ on the package don’t guarantee that it’s really fresh meat. It’s a concentrate of sometimes frozen or deboned carcasses that underwent a pasteurization and separation process.

How do you recognise it? Search for the words freshly prepared in the list of ingredients.

What if the packaging claims ‘the first ingredient is fresh meat’?

Some of the other guys may claim that they use fresh meat, but often there is also a lot of meat meal in the kibble too! Take a closer look at the ingredients and don’t let them fool you. The meat E&C uses is really 100% fresh. You’ll never ever find any hidden meat meal in our dog food!

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