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Hello nature!

Edgard & Cooper goes beyond your dog’s food bowl. We need to take good care of the environment. Because when all nature disappears, where will we go for a walk or chase after cats? ;)

To keep our ecological “paw print” as small as possible, we pack our goodies in special compostable bags, made of 100% biodegradable materials like corn waste. The pretty drawings and texts are printed on the package with 100% water based ink. Bye bye chemicals!

Our planet is cluttered with plastic. Therefore, we pack our wet food in recyclable, aluminium tins and cups. Woof!

Edgard & Cooper are also concerned by climate change. To reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses, we choose fresh meat of local origin. That means: less transportation, less fossil fuels and a smaller ecological paw print… Hence: feasting without guilt!

Ah, what would those nice, long walks be without trees to pee upon? ;) That’s why we print all of our communication on 100% recycled paper.

If we really want to make a difference, we have to join forces. That’s why we team up with our suppliers to save water and energy.

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