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How matters

Honestly? Edgard & Cooper are two lucky dogs. They have a warm and cosy place to sleep. They feast on delicious and wholesome food every day. And they get tons of hugs from their owners.

Yet, many of their furry friends aren’t that lucky. Did you know only 1 dog in 10 has a roof over its head? If people have to save money, pets usually are the first to suffer. :(

It’s the sad reality. But we at Edgard & Cooper don’t wait around for things to change. No, we take action… and maybe together with you!

Acts of kindness

We take pride in doing business with our heart. That’s why we give 10% of our profits to dog charity. Because every dog deserves a warm nest, delicious and healthy food and lots of love of course! All the things our own little rascals Edgard & Cooper have.

Good stuff needs a good approach

Focus for charity

What we would love to do the most? Help every dog in trouble. Unfortunately, that’s impossible… So we do what we can and preferably as much as possible. That’s why there are distinct criteria for the initiatives we support. After all, working purposeful means we can give more dogs a lovely life. Awesome!

Joining forces

Edgard & Cooper love to team up with great partners. Because achieving a goal together is easier and much more fun. So we work paw in paw with people and organisations who give dogs a better life.

We support dog charity

Many people try their hardest to give dogs a better life. That’s awesome! We do as much as possible with the limited budgets we have and that’s why we invest in 2 types of projects…

Dogs suffering from food poverty

These are our furry friends who can’t obtain healthy or nutritious food every day. They live on leftovers or trash. Often they don’t eat all because they can’t find anything. There are plenty of dogs suffering from food poverty on our planet. Our goal? To make sure these dogs have sufficient wholesome food each day.

Homeless dogs

Did you know there are more homeless dogs than homeless people? About 5 times more to be precise! They live outside in bad weather or they’re locked up in cages where they can hardly move. We want to put a real roof over their head and… give them freedom. So they can run around and play with their friends.

Tell us about your dog charity project

Do you take action every day to give dogs a better life? That’s really awesome! Maybe your project is eligible for Edgard & Cooper funding.

First, carefully read all criteria for funding. All of them? Yep! You have to make sure your project meets all criteria before you enthusiastically complete the form. Yes, we seem a little stern… That’s because our budgets are limited and we want to make the application process a piece of cake.

Convinced your project meets all criteria? Then enter your information below and hit send. Now keep your fingers crossed that Edgard & Cooper will give your project a financial boost.

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