Delicious cat food made with lots of fresh fish and meat.


0–9 months


9 months – 8 years


8+ years
Turkey & shrimp with turmeric, basil & cranberries

Turkey & shrimp

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Chicken & MSC codfish with sage, valerian & cranberries

Chicken & MSC codfish

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Poultry & game with chamomile, red bush & cranberries

Poultry & game

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Beef & lamb with sage, nettle & blueberries

Beef & lamb

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Beef & duck with nettle, turmeric & cranberries

Beef & duck

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Organic fish & chicken with sage & rosehip

Organic fish & chicken

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Organic chicken with sage & chamomile

Organic chicken

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Chicken & salmon with basil, dill & cranberries

Chicken & salmon

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Organic beef & veal with basil & nettle

Organic beef & veal

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Chicken & trout with rose flowers, rosehip & blueberries

Chicken & trout

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