What is a healthy treat?

Anyone with a dog knows the importance of treats. Not only are they an invaluable training tool, they also play a huge role in forging a bond between you and your pet. Giving your dog a well-earned treat is a display of affection that they really appreciate.

Because treats can play such a vital role, it’s important to make sure they aren’t having an adverse health impact. For example, too many unhealthy treats can lead to obesity, which in turn leads to health issues and a diminished quality of life.

So, what does a healthy treat consist of?

  • Natural ingredients
  • No added sugar or unhealthy chemical additives
  • Easy-to-recognise ingredients, so you know what you’re feeding your dog
  • Treats that have been prepared in a healthy way. Food that has been slowly baked at a low temperature maintains the quality of the nutrients.
Our delicious treats tick off all the points
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Healthy quantity per day

Even when dog treats are healthy, they can never replace a balanced diet in the long run. Instead, treats should be seen as exactly that: an enjoyable supplement to a dog’s daily diet. It’s the canine equivalent of having a piece of chocolate after dinner. 

The number of treats should never exceed 5 - 10% of the daily amount of calories that your dog is allowed to eat. We advise keeping a note of this: it’s so easy to give your pet more treats than is really good for them.

Dog owner giving Edgard & Cooper bites to dog.

A treat for every moment

At Edgard & Cooper we think healthy treats are the way to go. That’s why our snacks have been developed to delight your dog without negatively impacting their health. Our product range includes the perfect snack for every daily ‘treat’ situation. So you, as an owner, can give your four-legged friend that little bit of extra attention.

  • Looking for a way to simply say ‘I love you’ to your dog? Our protein-packed jerky's are the ideal solution.
  • Need a bit of extra fuel for adventures? Our on-the-go bars will keep your dog full of energy if dinner is going to be later than usual.These treats are perfect for stashing in your bag when you’re out and about with your four-legged friend.
  • Want to let your dog know he’s made you proud? Our pocket-sized bites are the perfect reward or training tool! They’re small enough to keep your dog trim and more than tasty enough to be considered ‘treat-worthy’.

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A healthy treat to reward the dog of your life
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