1. Official documents

Are you travelling abroad? Then the most important thing is to ensure that your dog can get into the country. If you are travelling to a EU country, you must comply with three rules:

  • Your dog must be microchipped (in most countries a valid identification tattoo is also allowed - but definitely check the conditions!)
  • Your dog must be vaccinated against rabies.
  • Your dog should have an European passport.

There are some countries like Malta, Ireland and Finland that impose additional rules. So it’s always good to double check with your vet in advance if you have everything you need.

Are you travelling to a country that’s not part of the European Union? Then we highly recommend that you consult the rules through the embassy of your chosen country. Double-checking with your vet is always a good idea too. Better safe than sorry!

2. A crate and/or bed

Bring a crate and/or bed that your dog is familiar with and feels comfortable in. This way every place feels like home. A crate is also super useful when travelling by car. Safety first! Good to know: in countries such as Germany, for example, it’s compulsory to secure your dog in the car.

3. Plenty of food and water

Dog jumping up table to sniff Edgard & Cooper products.
It may sound obvious, but it’s sometimes overlooked: make sure you bring enough yummy food for your dog for the entire stay. Especially if your dog is devoted to one particular recipe. Are you realising now that you did not bring enough food? Don’t panic, you can always go to the local shops.

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Does it take you a while to get to your destination? Then be sure to bring plenty of snacks and fresh water for your furry friend! This will ensure a pleasant journey for everyone!

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4. Food & drink bowls

Photo of dog eating Edgard & Cooper wet food out of bowl.
Next to food and water, don’t forget to bring the necessary bowls. Also for on the road!

5. Collar/harness with tag

We definitely don’t want any dogs to wander off during a holiday or get lost in unfamiliar surroundings. But in case it happens, it’s recommended to make sure your dog is wearing a collar or harness with a tag with at least your phone number and maybe also the address of the place you’re staying at. This way, the finder can bring your pup home safely.

6. (Long) Leash & poop bags

We hope you and your dog are planning some crazy adventures whilst on holiday or at least are going to take some beautiful walks. So make sure to bring your leash with you and some poop bags. These also come in handy when you need to make a pitstop while on the road! We also highly recommend checking the local laws on when and if dogs need to be on the lead beforehand.

7. Toys

Dog playing with toy.
As mentioned before, dogs love having familiar items with them on holiday. And of course some toys can’t be missing from this epic trip. Make sure to pack these for a pawsome time! They can also come in handy to kill some time if you have a long journey ahead. ;)

8. Towels

It’s always handy to bring a towel with you if you’re travelling with your dog. Whether it’s for drying your dog after a refreshing dip on a sunny day or to clean their paws after a rainy, muddy walk. You can’t go wrong with adding a towel to your travel luggage.

9. First aid kit

Last but not least, it’s best to prepare for anything (as we’ve established a few times now). We suggest bringing a first aid kit with the most important essentials like a tick remover, disinfectant, tweezers and so on. Also don’t forget to bring any medication if your dog needs some. You can of course always call the local vet in case something happens or you forgot something at home. If you really want to be prepared, you can already look up the details of the local vet beforehand and save their address.

Of course there are many other things that could be added to the list, depending on how long you are away and what country you’re travelling to. We’re thinking of sunscreen, cooling mats, dog shampoo, brushes… But with the list above you definitely already have all the essentials to make it a pawsome holiday for you & your pet. Have fun!

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