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15 May. 2020

Why are healthy dog treats so important?

You, as a pet owner, love to treat your four-legged friend once in a while. But it’s really...
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13 May. 2020

4 fun and easy dog tricks with step-by-step plans

As a dog owner, we bet you love teaching your four-legged friend new tricks. Training stimulates your dog's...
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21 Apr. 2020

Top tips to reduce your Pet’s pawprint

With 73% of us saying we want to live more sustainably; we can’t forget to also think about...
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17 Apr. 2020

7 safe plants for cats and dogs

Many pet owners wonder which plants they can have in the house without risking the health of their...
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07 Apr. 2020

What’s the perfect food for my dog?

Finding the perfect recipe for your dog isn’t always that easy. Especially if your dog is fussy, or...
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02 Apr. 2020

Dog trick: teaching your dog to take a bow

#wecare4care. Just like you, the Edgard & Cooper team has infinite respect for all the carers who are...
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26 Mar. 2020

Guide for dog parents working from home

Like many of you, the Edgard & Cooper team is working from home to do our bit to...
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23 Mar. 2020

Can my pet get corona?

In these uncertain times, there’s a lot of information going around about COVID-19. We understand you might have...
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18 Mar. 2020

5 fun indoor games for dogs

It’s not always possible for your dog to burn off their energy outside. Perhaps the weather is bad,...
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03 Mar. 2020

First night with new puppy

What helps you get a good night’s sleep? A comfy bed and a bit of peace and quiet...
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27 Feb. 2020

Can I compost dog or cat waste?

We can't ignore it: 840 million cats and dogs worldwide doing their business at least twice a day,...
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18 Feb. 2020

Will my dog get bored eating the same food every day?

You want to spoil your dog with the very best food. We get it, we do that too....
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07 Feb. 2020

Senior pet food for dogs and cats

One of the toughest aspects of pet ownership is watching your four-legged friend getting older and frailer. But...
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06 Feb. 2020

Feeding & treating 1000 stray dogs a week: the Marina Möbius story

Marina Möbius is the inspiring woman behind the Dog Care Clinic in Sri Lanka. And we reckon she...
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29 Jan. 2020

Allergy intolerance: Everything you need to know about hypoallergenic dog food

You’ve probably seen the word ‘hypoallergenic’ around - perhaps on skincare and makeup product labels? If a product...
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27 Jan. 2020

A Dog's Feeding Schedule: How Often Should I Feed My Dog in a Day

Dogs may not be able to tell you what time it is but that doesn’t mean they don’t...
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16 Jan. 2020

Winter safety guide for dogs

A lot of dog owners are worried about their four-legged friends during winter. Cold weather, snow and ice...
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06 Jan. 2020

Choosing the perfect food for dogs with sensitive tummies

Just as some humans have troublesome stomachs, there are also dogs with sensitive tummies. So while most dogs...
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17 Dec. 2019

Recipe: Apple-mint Christmas cookies for your dog

Christmas is coming! Presents! Family! Whatever you love most about Christmas, there’s one thing we all get excited...
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04 Dec. 2019

6 tips to reduce the fear of fireworks

Most dogs are scared of fireworks. Not only is their hearing much more acute than our own (they...
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27 Nov. 2019

How to Prevent Fleas on Dogs and Cats

Most pet owners fear the threat of fleas and it’s true that our furry friends are prone to...
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27 Nov. 2019

Three steps to leaving your dog at home, alone

Leaving your dog alone at home can be hard at the beginning- for you and for your four-legged...
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12 Nov. 2019

5 reasons English Cockers are amazing

Do you own an English cocker? Then you’ll know they’re fantastic dogs. A tail that’s wagging 24 hours...
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31 Oct. 2019

How to store pet food?

As a pet owner, finding the perfect food for your furry friend is important. But getting it into...
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30 Oct. 2019

How to bond with your dog?

Building a good relationship with your dog is all about bonding. Like any close friend, your dog wants...
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02 Oct. 2019

What’s best: wet, dry or mixed?

Owners often ask us whether it’s best to feed their pet wet food, dry food or a mix...
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24 Sep. 2019

Our expert guide to preparing for your puppy

We have some exciting news to share. A new puppy has joined the gang! This is Myles -...
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19 Aug. 2019

6 tips to become a sustainable pet owner

There are 800 million pets on our planet, which add up to a significant ecological footprint. Thumbs up...
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14 Aug. 2019

Grain-Free Dog Food: All You Need to Know

In the last few years, grain-free dog food has become the talk of the town. Designed to be...
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08 Aug. 2019

How do I raise my dog and cat together?

Comparing dogs and cats is like comparing apples to oranges. Dogs are social animals who love to play...
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03 Jun. 2019

How the Dog Care Clinic gives stray dogs a second life

Did you know only 1 in 10 pets has a roof over their head? It's something that keeps...
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21 May. 2019

Tips for house-training your puppy

House-training seems obvious to us, but for your puppy it is quite a task! It’s not just getting...
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05 Mar. 2019

The truth about dog food

The world of dog food is full of rumours. But here’s a simple truth for you: dogs need...
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05 Mar. 2019

6 fun winter activities for you and your dog

It’s not just us humans that suffer from the winter blues, our furry friends can also be affected....
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05 Mar. 2019

7 tips for dealing with a fussy dog

Sound familiar? You’re serving a delicious meal at the table. Suddenly, your dog appears - making all sorts...
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05 Mar. 2019

Nutrients your dog should never eat

What is normal for humans to eat can be very toxic to dogs. Puppies are more at risk...
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