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14 Sep. 2020

How we’re going to achieve 100% ethical sourcing of our ingredients

The global demand for cheap meat has led to factory farming. Animals reared for meat production don’t have...
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14 Sep. 2020

How we’re going to achieve fully sustainable packaging by 2025

Humans make 300 million tonnes of plastic every year. About half of that is single-use plastic - like...
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14 Sep. 2020

How we want to reduce our environmental impact by 2025

Over the last few decades, the Earth’s average temperature has risen sharply due to human activities. If the...
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14 Sep. 2020

Why we’re stepping up our sustainability commitment

Sustainability has always been part of who we are - from our plant-based packaging to our organic recipes....
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22 Jul. 2020

How to spot if your pet has fleas

Most pet owners fear the threat of fleas and it’s true that our furry friends are prone to...
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14 Jul. 2020

What’s best for my cat: wet, dry or mixed?

Owners often ask us whether it’s best to feed their cat wet food, dry food or a mix...
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10 Jul. 2020

5 things every pet needs to feel good

Ever heard of the 5 Freedoms? They’ve been the basis of animal welfare since the 60’s. This set...
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17 Apr. 2020

7 safe plants for cats and dogs

Many pet owners wonder which plants they can have in the house without risking the health of their...
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26 Mar. 2020

Guide for cat parents working from home

Like many of you, the Edgard & Cooper team is working from home to do our bit to...
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23 Mar. 2020

Can my pet get corona?

In these uncertain times, there’s a lot of information going around about COVID-19. We understand you might have...
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18 Mar. 2020

5 fun indoor activities for cats

Staying inside all day can feel like a real chore, but we can make the best of it...
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13 Mar. 2020

Reading a cat's body language: the tail and whiskers

Cats have a reputation for being mysterious animals. But, perhaps without you realising, your cat is actually sending...
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27 Feb. 2020

Can I compost dog or cat waste?

We can't ignore it: 840 million cats and dogs worldwide doing their business at least twice a day,...
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11 Feb. 2020

Feeding tips for a neutered cat

Thinking about getting your cat neutered or already done that? Great! Neutering has lots of advantages for you...
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07 Feb. 2020

Senior pet food for dogs and cats

One of the toughest aspects of pet ownership is watching your four-legged friend getting older and frailer. But...
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23 Jan. 2020

How to raise a happy kitten

If you’re the proud owner of a kitten you’re probably starting to wonder how you can rein in...
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02 Jan. 2020

Food your cat can’t eat

It’s not always clear what your cat can or can’t eat. To help, we've made a handy list...
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27 Nov. 2019

How to Prevent Fleas on Dogs and Cats

Most pet owners fear the threat of fleas and it’s true that our furry friends are prone to...
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31 Oct. 2019

How to store pet food?

As a pet owner, finding the perfect food for your furry friend is important. But getting it into...
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30 Oct. 2019

7 tips to cat-proof your home

Cats are extremely curious and see everything as an adventure. If you leave something lying around, there's a...
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24 Oct. 2019

How to feed a ‘fussy’ cat

Do you love your mysterious, somewhat stubborn, but oh so unique cat? You’ve probably noticed they can be...
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08 Aug. 2019

How do I raise my dog and cat together?

Comparing dogs and cats is like comparing apples to oranges. Dogs are social animals who love to play...
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06 May. 2019

5 creative ways to exercise your cat

When cats get too little stimulus, they often get bored. This boredom manifests as a lack of exercise,...
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