We believe that animals reared for pet food deserve to be treated with respect.

Our strategy for ethical sourcing

We’re animal lovers, so of course we want the animals reared to make our pet food to have lived happy, healthy lives.

For a good life, animals need space to demonstrate their natural behaviours. For example, pigs enjoy rooting in the dirt, while chickens like to have dust baths. However, the meat production supply chain lacks transparency. Minimum standards are incredibly low, and the top standards of certifications - like Organic - only account for a small amount of meat production.

If we want to do right by the animals in our supply chain, we have to come up with our own ethical and sourcing standards.

100% compliance with high ethical & sustainable sourcing standards

Illustration: farmer selling local products

Ethical sourcing is not new to us. We choose MSC and ASC certified fish for our recipes, and prefer grass-fed lamb and free-run chicken. But we know we must go further to live up to our values.

Because transparency is key to progress, we have created a survey to delve into more detail with our meat suppliers, so we can be certain they pass our animal welfare policy.

Looking ahead, this will ensure that EVERYTHING going into an Edgard & Cooper product meets a standard we can be proud of.

Becoming the world’s most sustainable pet company

As well as 100% ethical sourcing of our products, we want to reduce our environmental impact and achieve fully sustainable packaging by 2025. Those 3 targets will help us to fulfil our ambition: becoming the world’s most sustainable pet company. 

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