#wecare4care. Just like you, the Edgard & Cooper team has infinite respect for all the carers who are working so hard to contain and treat COVID-19. From rooftop serenades to mass organised clapping and cheering, people around the world are finding creative ways to say thank you to their frontline teams.

Well, we had our own idea for how to say thanks. What if we teach our four-legged friends to take a bow on command for all these heroes? Curious about the different steps? We’ll explain!

What's your goal?

To have your dog bow on demand with their front legs bent and their hind legs stretched.

What do you need?

dog with treats in mouth

  • Tasty treats!
  • A solid portion of patience
  • A good mood ;-)
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Good to know

  • Start your training session with the same signal each time, for example: "We're going to practice!” Then give your dog a reward snack.
  • Start at step 1. If you get to step 3 in your first session, start the next training session from there. You only need to repeat steps if your dog is struggling to understand.

Step 1: follow the treat down

  • Hold a treat between your thumb and forefinger so your dog can smell it, but can't grab it right away.
  • Move your hand from their nose down slowly towards the ground.
  • If your dog follows the treat with their head, say "Good boy/girl!" and then let them eat the treat out of your hand. 
  • Repeat this step until your dog follows the treat down smoothly.

Aussie focusing on owner's hands

Step 2: head and front legs to the ground

  • Hold a treat between your thumb and forefinger so your dog can smell it, but can't grab it right away.
  • Slowly move your hand from in front of their nose down between their forelegs. If you move your hand a little towards your dog's body, it will bend its forelegs more easily.
  • If your dog bends its front legs, say "Good boy/girl!" and let them eat the treat out of your hand again (the lucky guy!).
  • Repeat until your dog has fully mastered this step.

Timing is crucial. Is your dog bending their front legs a little but not fully? Reward this step before you go to step 3. Is your dog lying down? Then don’t give them the treat. Give your dog time to think, and build sufficient rest time into the exercise..

Step 3: forelegs on the ground

  • You know the drill… hold a treat between your thumb and finger.
  • Move your hand from their nose down between their front legs.
  • As soon as your dog puts their front legs on the ground right up to their elbows, and doesn't lie down yet, say "Good boy/girl!!" and give them the treat.
  • If your dog stays in this position, give them some more treats. If they lie down, stop offering rewards.
  • You know what they say… practice makes perfect. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Step 4: Finish up

  • The final step is for your dog to perform the trick without receiving a treat. To start, alternate between using a treat and not using one. If necessary, hold the treat in your other hand.
  • Perform exactly the same movement, with or without the treat. As soon as your dog executes the trick when following your hand, say ‘well done’ and give the treat from your hand or pocket.
  • If your dog lies down while you’re getting the treat of your pocket, don’t offer the reward just start over. If it happens often, try giving the treat from your other hand after the "well done", or take a step back.
  • Repeat!

Step 5: Learning the command

  • Say "Bow" to your dog. Wait 2 seconds and move your hand in the pattern learned above. If they bow, say "Well done" and offer a reward.
  • Annddd...Repeat!
After a while, your dog will go to "Bow" in anticipation of your hand moving.. :) 

    Good luck! 🤞